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About Us



TheLoveLogic was created from a dream and a vision. The logic behind their idea for was that life has a way of presenting us all with issues whenever we least expect or want them. 


Although the issue may be new to one, there are others that have been there and can share.  Reality is, we share common issues and questions that we need help with from time to time. The creators wanted a site that anyone could join and be free from discrimination, racism, bigotry or religious persecution.


The creators wanted a web community that its members could help one another, not criticize or intentionally hurt anyone based on personal beliefs.


Please note that the advice found within our site is given on "take or leave it" context form.  There may be a right or wrong way to solve any personal issue but we don’t claim to know them, this site only offers opinions based on member's experience. We hope you find that the advice and opinions given within our site gives you information that you can use to improve everyday living. 



Remember, no matter whom you are or whatever you are going thru, we are here to listen.






We are all equal


TheLoveLogic team understands that there will be many intellectual debates and discussions on our forum but we also want our members to understand that the rules will be  strictly enforced. We will not tolerate any violations on our forum or in our discussions.


Members who decide NOT to follow the strict guidelines (see the forum rules) on our forum, will be given one warning by the administrators and if another violation takes place, the user will be banned.


No exceptions.





What makes us different


You may ask "What makes theLoveLogic different?" was created for you in hopes of making a positive difference in the lives of our members. We want you to be heard and quality opinions shared so we can all learn and live better.


We all need encouragement. We all have times when we simply need someone to just listen. TheLoveLogic team and members are here to help you and encourage you on your life journey.   Never think your issue or question is too big or small.  You never know who you may help by asking or words of encouragement you may receive.


All you have to do is join our online community and ask anything that is on your mind.  You also can have the peace of mind knowing that your identity is 100% safe. We will never disclose any of your personal information to anyone and what you choose to share with other members will be strictly your choice.





The future of our site


Where does theLoveLogic go from here? In the near future, we hope to continue to grow as our members grow. Your comments and advice will be what makes this site.  The team will continue to monitor the direction your needs lead us and we will add forums or advice as needed to grow with you.


We look forward to many years of service to our members.  Even those who would simply browse our site looking for answers, we hope to make a possible difference and help anyway we can. 


Any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us at


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quote of the week

    "All the love that history knows,
    is said to be in every rose.
    Yet all that could be found in two,
    is less than what I feel for you."



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inspiration of the day

    "To find what you seek in the road of life, the best proverb of all is that which says:"Leave no stone unturned."


    -Edward Bulwer Lytton

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